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american portrait photography | nyc

capturing the human spark


modeling head shots

The face is your divinely inspired expression to the world — your palate for conveying emotion to the others around you. The portrait is a delicate art project, and the subject must be ready to let their mood come through their eyes if they want to capture a genuine portrait that represents them truthfully.


Classic Portraiture

Capture photos of yourself at your very best. Lighting and positioning can create a memory that will last. Every professional and trend-setter needs a series of images that speak to their audience.


band & artist photography

Bands and artists need visual images that convert their unique sonic signature into something that can be seen. Bring your music and vision to your photoshoot to connect emotion to your images. Human beings are sensitive and feel your mood when viewing your images.


Acting head shots

In the competitive environment of auditions in the big city, the head shot is your first impression. Having a strong head shot can open doors that would never have opened for you. Take the time to invest in images that present you as a top option for casting agents and acting agencies.


new york city

image strong

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