what should i bring to my photoshoot?

Bring a variety of interesting outfits that will express the strong mood you are trying to convey. Think this out very carefully. Remember, photography captures the details, so your clothes should be ironed and prepped. No brands visible in photos. Accessories (e.g., earrings, necklaces, ties, scarves, watches, makeup, hair, etc.) all make the difference in portraiture. The textures of clothing matter. Be attentive to details.

rest & food

You want to ready to express your best in your photoshoot; with this, getting good rest the night before your shoot and eating and drinking well will help you to perform at your best. The way you feel impacts the way you express yourself in photos, so treat yourself well.

can i see the photos as we go along to see if i like them?

Yes. We believe that the ability for the subject to see the photos throughout the shoot is important to help to adapt. When it is clear that the photos look spectacular, the subject finds synergy to perform even better.

Should I Have My Makeup and/or Hair Done Before My Photoshoot?

It is up to you. If you want to invest in this it may help if you are looking for a polished outcome. However, do not forget that the other option is equally worth considering — the option of keeping the attractive human imperfections present in your photos. There is priceless character in photos that convey deep human emotion with a glimpse of the humanness mixed in.